Manage My Pain

A digital solution that helps patients, doctors, & case managers measure, monitor, and manage pain
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The Manage My Pain Solution

Our clinically-validated solution brings together 3 components to empower patients and allows them to better communicate with their care-teams
Keep patients engaged while collecting outcome information
Concise summaries of clinically-relevant outcomes for effective visits
Questionnaires completed prior to visit and monitored remotely

Patients Apps

Over 100,000 people with chronic pain have used our mobile and web apps to self-manage and become empowered

Daily Capture

Patients positively self-reflect on their day to capture pain, function, and medication use

Minimal Burden

Simple sliders and checkboxes require only 60 seconds a day


Default values are based on validated questionnaires, but each section can be personalized


Patients better understand their pain through graphs and charts


Monitoring pain and reflecting on accomplishments improves outcomes


Patients can see how treatments are working (or not) over time

Educational Content

Teaches about how pain works and introduces coping strategies to help manage it

Pain Psychology

Developed based on best practices and clinically-validated approaches

Continued Engagement

Complements and encourages continued use of the app over time

Clinical Reports

Healthcare professionals get quick and objective data to make more effective treatment decisions


Based on patient outcomes captured regularly as opposed to from memory


Single page is visual and designed to be skimmed within 30 seconds


All information informs treatment, including trends of pain and function

Monitoring Portal

Care teams and case managers assess progress remotely and get alerts when our advanced analytics detect someone at-risk

Remote Real-Time Access

Know progress at any time, without requiring a visit or calling the patient

Population Management

Quickly monitor all active patients to identify those at-risk or require follow-up

Alerts for At-Risk Patients

Predictive analytics flag at-risk patients with:
  • Opioid-related side effects
  • Severe pain flare-ups
  • New indications of neuropathic pain
  • Anxiety/depression symptoms
  • Many others

Digital Questionnaires

Can be requested, completed, and viewed within portal without the need for paper
Over 60 pain-related clinically-validated tools are already tested and ready to go

Customized Questionnaires

Any form can be created to meet the unique needs of any clinic

We take privacy and security seriously

We are a SOC2 certified company and are compliant with global privacy legislation
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