Generate a Report

Report generation limitations
The types of reports you can generate depend on the version of the app or the subscription plan you have.

* "Pro subscription" users do not have any limitations and can generate as many reports without any additional costs.
* "Pro version" users must use a credit if they wish to include "advanced" sections in their reports.
* "Lite" users must use a credit if they wish to include "advanced" sections or if they wish to change the date range of their reports.
report generation limitations
Include basic sections in report
There are 3 basic sections available to include in your report. These sections ("Pain Summary", "Patient Profile" and "Record Details") don't require a credit.

* "Pain Summary" includes the 12 cards that summarize all the information you have recorded. This information is represented by "line graphs", "bar graphs", and "frequency values" that will help you understand more about your pain records and daily reflections. Change values in current period compared to the previous period are optional to include in the report.
* "Patient Profile" includes your information that you entered on your "Pain Condition", "Medications" and "About Me" section in "My Profile" that will give more comprehensive and a fuller picture of your medical history.
* "Record Details" includes list of information and details from your records which can be sorted by different criteria and order.
include basic section in report
Include advance sections in report
There are 3 advanced sections ("Chart View", "Timeline View" and "Calendar View") that can be included in the report to generate a more comprehensive report.

* "Chart View" this view provides a visual presentation of how often a particular value appears in a particular section. This calculation is only based on records that contain information in that section.
* "Timeline View" this view provides graph presentation of your "Pain Severity" and "Daily Reflection Scores".
* "Calendar View" this view will include 6 most frequently used overlay by default but you can manually select the overlays to display. It will also show all days with records within certain date period such as pain records daily average and daily reflections scores.
include advance sections in report
Check available credits
Credits are displayed at the bottom of the "Generate Report" screen.

You are automatically given 1 credit when you create your account. After this credit is used, if you are a "Lite" or "Pro version" user, you will have to purchase additional credits as needed.
check available credits
Use credit to include advanced sections in report
Press and select an advanced section. You will be shown a pop-up at the bottom of the screen. If you have available credit - press "USE CREDIT".

If you have 0 available credits, press "ORDER CREDITS" to purchase credits to include advance sections.

Note: this step is applicable for Lite and Pro version users.
user credit to include advanced section in report
Customize sections
To include different criteria or options in each section, press to "check" these options that will be included in the report.

Within each section, there may be specific options that can be set, such as the "Overlays" to be displayed in the Calendar View or the "Sort Order" of the Records.
customize sections
Apply records filter
When generating a report you can limit which records to include in the report by applying a filter - this includes "filter records by different criteria" and "filter within a specific date range".

Please see our user guide for "Filter Records" on Results category, to filter records that will be included on your report.
apply records filter
Generate report
After sections customized and filtered, scroll at the bottom of the screen - press "GENERATE REPORT".

A pop-up will be shown confirming that the request was received and an email will be sent when you report is ready for download.
generate report
Download generated report
After generating report, you will be emailed a link where the PDF can be downloaded. This link will always be available, and will require you to log in before your report can be accessed.

Your report can then be printed off and shared with your healthcare team or others, as needed.
download generated report
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